Who are we


Rene Kahn
Founder and Head Clinical Trial Center
Having been responsible for numerous clinical trials in my scientific career, I’ve become convinced of the benefits of joining efforts in reaching scientific goals. Starting with the successful EUFEST trial, and confirmed in the subsequent large-scale clinical trials we’ve conducted, clear benefits became apparent of conducting scientific research within an organized network of excellence. Collaborating with multiple, specialized research centers, the access to potentially eligible participants is substantially increased, which optimizes enrollment rates. Generalizability of the results is significantly increased by collecting data across multiple countries, sometimes even across continents. In the end, such collaborations result in more rapid scientific advancement and ideally a future reduction of the burden of disease. Our Clinical Trial Center in Utrecht has an excellent track record on multiple large-scale clinical trials since 2011, with continuously increasing experience and expertise. Prior success is the best predictor for future success!
Inge Winter
Manager Clinical Trial Center
After having been employed by a pharmaceutical company for 10 years as Clinical Research Associate and Medical Liaison, combined with a PhD in psychiatric epidemiology, I decided to switch scenery and focus on academics full-time. My first and biggest challenge was managing the European Commission sponsored OPTiMiSE project, which has been successfully concluded in 2017. Over time, new trials were developed and implemented within the Clinical Trial Center, mainly focusing on early in disease patient with a schizophrenia-spectrum disorder, often patients with a first episode of psychosis. Through our studies, I’m proud to make a contribution to better symptom control and a better quality of life for psychosis patients, as well as to facilitate the discovery of more fundament scientific knowledge of the disease and it’s progression.
Cynthia Okhuijsen-Pfeiffer
Clinical Research Associate and Coordinator
My name is Cynthia Okhuijsen-Pfeifer. I work as a CRA for the EULAST study and CLOZIN is my PhD project. Since 2014/2015 I am working on these projects and my expertise is in clinical trials, setting up and organizing projects, prediction models and genetic studies. For me, the clinical relevance of the studies we perform is important. I think this is one of the biggest advantages of our Clinical Trial Center!
Lyliana Nasib
Clinical Research Associate and Coordinator
My name is Lyliana Nasib. In October 2014 I started working as a Clinicial Research Associate for EULAST. In May 2015, I started my PhD tract studying the effect of anti-inflammatory drugs on schizophrenia spectrum disorder, next to working on EULAST. My expertise is setting up, conducting and coordinating international clinical trials investigating the effect of study drugs, magnetic resonance imaging of the brains and the potential inflammatory aspect in schizophrenia spectrum disorders. The importance of our studies is the clinical relevance for the patient and their closest ones – this is what motivates me to work within this very interesting field. It is amazing to see the improvement some patients underwent during their participation in our studies.
Erika van Hell
Project Manager
I have been working at the CTC since July 2015, as project coordinator on the PSYSCAN study and since January 2017 also on Enlighten Early. In 2011 I finished my PhD at the UMC Utrecht, after which I have worked as a CRA for a while. I did my post-doc in Austrialia where I lived for 2.5 years. My areas of expertise include functional MRI, schizophrenia and cannabis.
Elianne Huijsman
Clinical Research Associate
I am working as a CRA for the EULAST study. Together with the local study team we set up a clinical trial and assist with everything involved in organizing it. I like to visit the local study teams to meet the enthusiastic study teams we are working with. My background is in clinical child and adolescent psychology.
Margot Slot
Project Manager
Since 2014, I have been involved in different, international clinical trials at the UMC Utrecht. I currently work as a project manager on the PURPOSE trial and the AIMS-2 study. My area of expertise is setting up and managing multi-site medication trials. I have a background in Clinical Neuropsychology and what drives me most in my work at the CTC is the clinical relevance of our trials. The close collaboration with leading scientific groups in hospitals and universities all over Europe allows us to contribute to large-scale studies which can make a difference in improving the development of new therapies for patients with a wide range of symptoms and conditions.
Niek Galenkamp
Clinical Research Associate and Coordinator
As study coordinator for the PURPOSE trial at UMC Utrecht I run the day-to-day business at our site. I enjoy training research interns and conducting test with our participants. Furthermore I’ve build the eCRF for the AIMS-2-CT trial and I’m active as CRA on the PSYSCAN study. Through these studies I’m glad to make a contribution to the quality of live of psychiatric patients.